The very nerdy side of Simon

Hello friend!
You've entered the slightly nerdier site. I decided to have a public facing website at, and then this slightly more technically focused... place... which could turn out to be geek paradise. Well that is, if you are a FOSS enthusiast like me.

Small intro to my current open source projects:

Frontend for handheld Linux-powered gaming devices

I'm currently using libRocket / SDL2 for a project, a frontend for handheld gaming consoles. libRocket, not to be confused with the Rocket Rust project, is a mature project which can generate a user interface from a XHTML-like source.

My plan is pretty simple, I'm going to build something that can run and download binaries off the internet. Sort of what you see in the Nintendo Switch Shop, but for open hardware. It took a while to find the docs for libRocket, so I'm going to leave the links here - to the right.

Regarding my project, I'm going to post something as soon as there is something nice to look at.


This project is a platform agnostic project builder.

It started out with a need to create MSBuild projects without plowing through the manual, or use Visual Studio. But I soon realized it can do much more, if I put a birds-eye view on project generation. Its. Just. Text.
Github repo (very early...)